Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Enjoying Laziness!

It was a long time desire, occasionally would just have a taste of it, constantly had a fear it might never happen,but finally it did!

Laziness - how beautiful the word is, even more beautiful is to be lazy and enjoy it. A wish to forget office and work, no other commitment, sleep heartily, do nothing, watch movies, long walks, sit like a statue for hours together!!This continues for 4 months. Very nice, enjoyed laziness in its true sense. A big thanks to all of them who made this happen :D I was literally hibernating in Toulouse.

Now,with the offset of spring, there is a strong desire to restart some things, and start few more! there is also a guilt for loss of personal productivity.

So, it begins with reactivation of this blog!

Friday, July 27, 2012


Never shop when you are free....provokes to buy all the "not really needed" things and digs a deep hole in the pocket :D :D

Monday, June 25, 2012

It was delicious!

So, my 5th year in Bangalore, and a few months back heard about the "chat street" of VV Puram from a colleague. Surprisingly, my hubby being here for 30 years, having studied in BIT,visited VB bakery a thousand times,but hadnt a single time tasted the delicacies in the street!Finally we decided to give it a try and that happened the last friday.

I had heard my colleagues discussing that its not like "before" and all. So googled it and again found mixed responses !

So,we were there and here is the story:

Its a narrow street with a dozen shops on either side. I found the cooking clean enough and far better than most of the restaurants :D. Haa, though there are only handful of shops,you definitely have to give a second visit for 2 reasons:

1.Your appetite will not allow to taste everything one single evening
2.You'l relish so much that you'll be back again

We started with a plate of idli - idlis were soft ,chutney was average though

Next,the bajjis - raw banana, mangalore bajji and maddur wada - all were good. So still 2-3 varieties including the capsicum one left for the next visit

The third was hot jelebis - 4 for Rs.10/- I have nothing else to say!

Then,Pav bhaji - very very tasty.

It was dosa time now! There are 3-4 shops making the dosa and we chose Raju tiffin centre. Masala dosa - and it came with a fine roast, nandini ghee poured generously! It tasted delicious.

I was almost full by this time, and we were in a dilemma to share a plate of paddu or to share another dosa or akki rotti. Finally went with a plate of "mosaru kodbale". Hadnt heard this before and gave a try.It was really awesome.Haa and now comes my try for that and the next post will be the experience with it :)

We were almost done when we decided to end with badam milk. I went for custard fruit salad while my hubby went with badam milk.

It was a wonderful experience altogether - very tasty food for a very low price!

Whoever has not tried, just go for it.You have missed something!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

I am Smoking

SO much So much, almost 3 a day :( , might not be really , still the thought of it is so disturbing.

Koramangala - Happening place in B'lore ! Huh only passive smoking is happening to me.
Every morning, guys dont you have a better job :X , again in the evening - whichever road I take....for the 10 mins I walk, I'll come across 4-5 ppl inhaling smoke.

Weekend - I plan for a loooooong walk. Ahh such a nice feeling , lasts only for 10 foot steps.

SO, time to wear a facemask while walking. Aarghh hard to digest.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

perfect for this evening

Thought of having a 15 min nap, but dozed for 2 hours! Waking up, I feel I am in a snow clad hill station.Badly want a cup of coffee.
things on my mind : Get milk and prepare coffee
                              Go out and have a coffee
                              Go for masala puri
               however,no company and too lazy to get up and go out!

settled for knorr soupy noodles!!not a bad choice,a little less salt would make it perfect.Got my senses back after something hot went in ;)

Nyways no match for FILTER COFFEE.